Happy book birthday to The Demon Inside Me!! This funny, cozy, sexy body swap romance was so much fun to write, and I’ve been really thrilled to hear…
Hello! Look, if you follow me, it’s pretty safe to say you like transgender and nonbinary people! So I’ll cut right to the point: it’s been an…
(and another cover reveal!)

January 2023

and maybe some thoughts about things I like!

September 2022

+ what's next?

August 2022

And a cat photo if free books aren't clickbait enough

June 2022

And progress report on current project

March 2022

And some bookish housekeeping notes

January 2022

+ free bonus epilogue + last chance for Second Chances!
Hello and best wishes for 2022! I worked pretty steadily through the holidays, so I’ve spent the last week keeping my work to a minimum and allowing my…

December 2021

Unless we get stuck in a time loop. Hope someone saved lottery numbers if so. Let's get rich.

November 2021

plus a preview of what's to come next